Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 5 Jewelry Storage Tips

Pearl Earrings
If you are like me, you have accumulated a lot of jewelry over the years and it is hard to find what you need, assuming you even remember that you have it! I've learned a few things along the way. Here are my top 5 tips for storing your jewelry where you can still find it easily during a hectic morning.

5. Use Secret Compartments
Use a drawer in your bedroom furniture to store your jewelry. Line the drawer with felt first (it doesn’t have to be attached) to protect your treasures. Buy or make dividers for the drawer and voila! You can also use baskets or even silverware trays in the drawer depending on its depth. 

4. Ribbons
Use a piece of mesh ribbon attached to the wall or a piece of furniture to store your earrings, brooches or any other jewelry like that. This keeps the earrings together and all your pieces easy to see when getting ready in the morning! 

3. Pretty As A Picture
Mount a piece of cork board (or pegboard if you want a more industrial look) on the wall near where you get ready. You can hang jewelry from the pins. Use your creativity to decorate the corkboard and buy decorative pushpins to help it fit with your d├ęcor.

2. Plastic Saves The Day
To keep your jewelry safe and separate, place individual pieces in sealable plastic bags and store in a box with a lid. I use snack bag size sealable bags and then put all the pieces in a set in the bag together. Store them in photo boxes – economical, sturdy and decorative. Another benefit of this approach is that you can include anti-tarnish strips with your jewelry to help maintain the finish - which is especially important for sterling silver. 

1. Don't Forget The Kiddies
What about storage of your child's jewelry? Usually this is plastic when they are young and there’s lots of it. I got belt hangers for the wall and mounted them at eye level for my kids. They put their necklaces and bracelets in their rooms. It doesn’t get tangled and you can see everything in a glance. You can use this same strategy in your own closet for your collection as well. 

What other great tips do you have for keeping your treasures safe, sound and easily found? 

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